Friday, July 23, 2010

A Few Things ...

A Few Things I've Learned About Williston and North Dakota in General

~Practically everyone drives a new 4 wheel drive pick-up, usually with a camper or boat attached

~Every young person I see has about four kids in tow and are pregnant as well (don't worry, I am avoiding drinking the water)

~The population in Williston is outgrowing the town, you have to wait in lines everywhere

~The accents you heard in the movie "Fargo" are for REAL

~Sunsets in the plains are way beyond what we see in the mountains

~As well as the thunderstorms

~I've yet to find a place that serves fish tacos

~People still smoke in North Dakota, and even smoke inside public places!

~The mosquitos aren't as bad as I initially thought...but, we'll see what happens now after it has rained for two days

~It's hard to stay awake while traveling across the state. Even Tage could not keep his eyes open, and he NEVER sleeps in the car

~The sun stays up until almost 11:00 in July

~There is awesome bird watching in ND, not only birds of prey, but huge water birds too

~Everyone has immaculate flower beds with unique yard decorations, like old trikes, desks, watering cans, chairs, wagon wheels, ect. (I've got alot to learn and some major work to do)

~People must love to eat liver and onions, it is on every menu and even was a lunch special at the grocery store deli today

~Dill Pickle chips are the bomb!

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